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Decades of high-precision watch manufacturing experience has promoted a culture of dedication and care to our products and customers. Growing with the needs of the market, our product range has extended to the following categories:

Watches and Watch Components

From classic timelessness to exquisite luxury, we can manufacture to your specification. We use best-in-industry 3D designing software to bridge seemlessly from your design team to our production facilities.

We produce watch cases, watch bracelets, and strap buckles in stainless steel and titanium. We are able to work with automatic, hand-wind mechanical, and quartz movements from Switzerland, Japan, and China. We accept medium to large size orders per model.

For Swiss-Made qualification, we can deliver assemble-ready watchcase sets or finished Swiss-Made certified watches.

Prong-set diamond watchcase and crown, pave-set diamond dial with ruby indexes Prong-set ruby bracelet in PVD black Stainless steel case with CNC hole prepration Prong-set diamond buckle for straps Buckles for straps
Metal Accessories

For luxury leather goods requiring high-quality function and aesthetic, we can manufacture metal accessories to fit your products.

We produce belt buckles, handbag rings/hooks/clips/zippers, moneyclips, and wallet tags/plates in stainless steel, aluminium, and titanium. We accept medium to large size orders per model.

Belt buckles Metal hoops and rings Hooks and keyrings Machine-produced metal parts
Jewelry and Premiums

For brands looking to offer a lifestyle-range of products, we can manufacture fashion jewelry and accessories.

We produce bracelets, rings, pendants/charms, earrings, and cufflinks in stainless steel and titanium. We accept medium to large size orders per model.

Bracelets Rings and earrings Necklaces and chains Bangles
Plastic Products and Parts

Capable of fitting injection moulds of 500mm/19inches in diameter, we can manufacture plastic parts to your specification.

We produce plastic parts in TPU, PC, NBR, ABS, nylon, and silicone. We accept medium to large size orders per model.

Plastic-injected parts Plastic watch components Plastic jewelry components